Tips for International Students

Truman has a growing international student population with over 400 students this year. During their first semester on campus many international students are overwhelmed with a great deal of information and lifestyle changes. Tips for International Students is an Enactus program designed to help lessen that burden. Our goal is to help Truman’s international students prepare for the American job market and also increase international student participation at the Career Expo. To accomplish this we hosted a banquet with Iiyana Kuneva, a Truman Enactus alumnus who discussed her personal experiences adjusting to western business culture.

There are 3 workshops for this project to help international students feel more comfortable in western culture:

American Slang and Small Talk: February 13, 2013.

American Resumes: February 20, 2013.

Interview Tips and Mock Interviews: February 26, 2013.

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