Fall 2013, Chili Cook-Off

Please visit our event page on Facebook, or read our Chili Cook-Off post here on the website for more information! We’re expecting a big turn out of organizations submitting their best chili and a fantastic performance by True Men!

Spring/Fall 2013, Ink Cartridge Recycling Fundraiser

Project leaders: Josh Hagen, Drishti Rana

Truman SIFE is interested in environmental awareness and sustainability. The Fundraising team solicits for used ink cartridges campus wide and and from businesses in the community. These ink cartridges are then sent to a Recycling company that gives money for used up toner ink cartridges. The project essentially involves getting the word out and getting as many ink cartridge donations as possible. This is an on going project and the Fundraising team continues to build relationships with potential donors.

In the future we hope to build more relationships with businesses within the community which could lead to more donations and subsequently more funds. We would also like to get more Truman Enactus members involved with fundraising
Help/materials needed: Ink cartridges and more team members.

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