BEMM: Because Every Mother Matters

Because Every Mother Matters (BEMM) is an international nonprofit organization that is in the business of empowering women. Beginning in Uganda, they now work across Eastern Africa to promote health and self-sufficiency. In the past,  our Truman State University Enactus BEMM team has worked to certify BEMM as a 501(c)3 nonprofit group, create sponsorship packets for “adoption” of BEMM mothers, as well as stablish 5 consistent vendors for BEMM headband products including: Blink of an Eye, Waterworks, and  KPMG.
As we continue working with BEMM, we strive to accomplish:

  • Creating an online Etsy account for Burmese refugees’ headbands and other handmade products
  • Securing BEMM as a Carbon Neutral nonprofit organization
  • Certifying BEMM products as Fair Trade
  • Securing more vendors for product growth and sustainability

Specifically we need students to fulfill positions of:

  • External events coordinator- Research and outreach to organizations, craft fairs, churches, and any other possible events that could sell BEMM merchandise, adopt a BEMM mother, or be a possible donor
  • Internal events coordinator -Coordinate with all Truman organizations and deal with reservations, contacting organization and sorority executives, maintaining a positive partnership with Truman’s AMA, involving Truman faculty and staff, etc.
  • Regional business director- Continue existing relationships with BEMM vendors as well as research and outreach to new potential vendors in Missouri
  • Online business director- Set up a business strategy and contingency plan for the Burmese refugees. Research and implement an online Etsy account. Continue researching new opportunities for BEMM in line with Fair Trade product labeling and other new avenues for revenue.
  • Promotional Director- In charge of all promotions. Specifically, working directly with AMA, developing a Truman advertising plan, creating an advertising package for promoting BEMM at other events and universities, and researching overall awareness possibilities.

Because Every Mother Matters: Contact Dilraj De Silva at

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