Membership and Requirements

Effective September 1, 2011

Dues: $25 per year or $15 per semester; $35 for new members (includes polo)

Meetings: Only 2 excused absences per semester
E-mail Alison Schnettgoecke at to be excused

Dress: SIFE shirt day – first Tuesday of every month
Missing 2 shirt days is the equivalent to 1 excused absence

Professional dress day – twice a semester (dates TBA)
Missing 1 professional dress day is the equivalent to 1 excused absence

Involvement: 1 project minimum per semester
2 additional SIFE involvements per semester


** If a member does not meet these requirements, said member will lose official “membership” status on the CSI roster, will lose all voting privileges, and will not be permitted to travel to any SIFE conference or competition. **

~~ Each semester all members will be reevaluated to determine their status for the following semester. ~~