Name: Shannon Colligan

Current Occupation: Solution Designer at Cerner Corporation

Truman Graduation Date: May 2013

Position(s) Held in Enactus/SIFE: Fundraising Chair, Ethics Competition Leader, Project Leader, Competition Speaker

Favorite Project (s) and Why: Chili For Charity was the first project I lead and it was successful in raising money for a good cause and tasting a lot of good chili. The weather was  perfect and the live music was great! The Ethics Competition was another favorite of mine because I got exposure to a topic I previously did not know much about and met a bunch of interesting, fun people while participating.

How did this team prepare you for life after college? At Cerner, we all work in teams. It is absolutely essential to understand and effectively be a team player. Enactus provides a great opportunity to learn and/or develop that skill. We also structure our work in terms of projects, the same way Enactus does. Again, being a part of Enactus projects helped me get comfortable with developing timelines and setting goals and due dates, and allocating tasks appropriately. It is almost certain that in any job, including mine, some presentation skills will be required. Projects such as the ethics competition and the speaking team enabled me to be a better presenter.


Name:  Lynn Dreisilker

Current Occupation: Chief Accountability Office, Dreisilker Electric Motors, Inc. Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Truman Graduation Date: May, 2013

Position(s) Held in Enactus/SIFE:  Networking Director, Project Leader (La Plata Food Bank)

Favorite Project (s) and Why: Because Every Mother Matters (BEMM) was my favorite project that I participated in with Enactus.  I loved working on the project because not only were we giving aid to those in need, we were enabling them to be self-sufficient.  We gave mothers the tools and training to become businesswomen, which I could very well relate to because my goals to run a business.  In addition to the cause, Steffy, the founder of BEMM, and our project leader had so much enthusiasm for this project.  Their dedication was infectious.

How did this team prepare you for life after college? Enactus was a great stepping stone to transition from college studies to the really business world. It gave me planning, time management, and networking skills that I will always use.  The best thing I took away from Enactus are all of the connections I have made from the organization.


Name: Jessie Eubank

Current Occupation: NORAD Database Administrator for Black & Veatch

Graduation Date: May 2013

Positions Held in Enactus: President 2012-13; VP of Communications 2011-12; Project Leader 2010-12; Speaking Team Member 2011-2013

Favorite Project: My favorite project that I worked on was Planning for Success. It was great to see the outcome of that project when the students had higher ACT scores as a result of our project.

How did the team prepare you for life after college? Being in Enactus was invaluable real world experience that prepared me for the business world. It allowed me to make connections with people from all over the country and practice professionalism through working on projects and attending competitions. It has allowed me to answer behavioral based interview questions with real world projects that I worked on outside of required class projects, which in turn has landed me many job offers. Joining Enactus was one of the best decisions I made because it not only allowed me to help others reach their goals, but it has also helped me to reach my goals along the way.


Name: Cody Hagan

Current Occupation: UMKC School of Law-Student

Truman Graduation Date: May, 2013

Position(s) Held in Enactus/SIFE: President, VP of Competition, Project Leader

Favorite Project (s) and Why: I have a soft spot for Planning for Success. I was involved in the project when it was still trying to find its footing and I was able to assist in its growth into a stable and worthwhile project. The work done through the project is truly beneficial for the students and school districts affected, and it is a blessing to see the results.

How did this team prepare you for life after college? The leadership experiences and hands-on-learning opportunities are invaluable. It really forces you to think about real world situations and apply knowledge in a way completely different than what occurs in the classroom. The organization really helps ease that transition into the real world.


Name: Kelly Kipp

Current Occupation: Department of Defense Senior Auditor

Truman Graduation Date: Bachelor: May 2009; Masters: December 2010

Position(s) Held in Enactus/SIFE: Secretary

Favorite Project (s) and Why: Teaching check writing and economic empowerment to school age children.

How did this team prepare you for life after college? SIFE/Enactus didn’t necessarily prepare me for college, but it did enlighten me to the economic situations within the local community, and the necessity to enlighten the local community regarding empowerment.


Name:  Todd Smith

Current Occupation:  Senior General Manager, Waterway Gas and Wash

Truman Graduation Date:  Spring, 2006

Position(s) Held in Enactus/SIFE:  Fundraising Chair, President

Favorite Project (s) and Why: Stagecoach Pizza, because it was great to see a struggling restaurant make a turn around and become successful.  I gained a tremendous amount of real world experience and forged a relationship with someone whom I might not have otherwise.

How did this team prepare you for life after college?  Without a doubt SIFE helped me to become a much better leader and communicator.  Also, because of SIFE, I was exposed to many resources and connections that I would not have had otherwise.


Name: Brandon Wehmeyer

Current Occupation: Management Development Associate at Daymon Worldwide

Truman Graduation Date: May 2012 & 2013

Position(s) Held in Enactus/SIFE: VP of Finance, Planning for Success Project Leader, competition team member

Favorite Project (s) and Why: My favorite project was Planning for Success. I enjoyed working with the students and being able to see almost immediate results. Probably one of the best parts of the project was when I had a student approach me after one of our workshops and tell me his ACT score had increased 4 points because of what he learned from us.

How did this team prepare you for life after college? Being a part of the Enactus team gave me additional experience working in teams, which is a large part of my day. It also helped build my presentation skills, which helps as I prepare reports and give findings/recommendations from data I pull together.

Our Other Enactus Alumni

Laura Brooks – Brand Manager, The Clorox Company

Iliyana Kuneva – Audit Associate, KPMG LLP. – St. Louis, MO

Jennifer Long – Audit Senior Associate KPMG LLP. – St. Louis, MO

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